“I have been seeing my financial adviser for about three years now; it has made the world of a difference. I would not be headed in the right direction, financially, if it wasn’t for Scott at Metro Financial. I used to be so lost and confused when it came to my personal financial matters, debt was building and I felt stuck, it was a vicious cycle and I didn’t have a clue how to get out of it.

When I first moved out on my own, I would live from pay cheque to pay cheque, trying to save a little bit here and there….. but wondered why my efforts to save wouldn’t grow at all.¬†Money didn’t seem to stretch all that far.¬†Unfortunately, I just wasn’t doing things in the most effective way possible which made life seem harder than it needed to.¬† This all changed once I started having meetings with Scott. He made sense of everything, answered all my questions and showed me what I had to work with. The answers weren’t that far out of my reach after all, I just needed some direction as to where to start looking. We started at square one and everything progressed in the right direction. Scott met with me on a regular basis and made sure that I understood every step of the way.

I hadn’t realized all the useful information there was out there for me to utilize in my own personal life that would make my own money work for me and receive the resources available to guide me towards a successful future. It didn’t take long until I was reaching goals that I had set to work towards in the beginning. I have since then been able to budget my income, afford to financially support myself while studying in college, and saved up for a vacation while taking control of debt.

Metro Financial has truly helped me discover the knowledge and understanding behind daily financial practices, develop good habits and shown me what it really means to be secure and self reliant. As an individual, I am proud of myself for taking the first step in the right direction at the young age I am without needing to worry about my future.
Thank-You Metro Financial!”

~ Michelle LeFrance