Who We Are

Don’t work harder for your money, work smarter, and get your money working for you!

Many of us spend our whole lives working hard for our money but don’t spend the time to learn how to get our money working hard for us.

That’s because very few of us spend the couple of hours it takes to get our dollars working for us. Long term financial planning is a must for everyone! You will and can achieve your goals, regardless of your current financial situation.

Metro Financial Planning is a full spectrum financial planning company based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Our clients receive a free education and an introduction to services that will start them, their loved ones on the right path to financial freedom.

WE ARE BROKERS – Not just salespeople for one company!

We are a Broker of the industry and been affiliate with some of North America’s top Financial Institutions. This allows us to get the best product that suites your situation.

Our Partners includes:

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At Metro Financial Planning, our mission is to provide our clients the best quality of service.  Unlike traditional Financial Planners, we make building your plan fun and simple to understand.  We meet with our clients on a regular basis to maintain and grow our client/advisor relationship to a trusted friendship.